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About Us

Chrosmack Ventures is a family business with 20 plus years of computer experience. Starting with punching cards to run programs on mainframe computers, through building one of the early Timex computers and moving on to the first Macintosh, we always worked with the latest computer technology. This pace accelerated in the 90s with decreasing price and increasing power of Windows/Intel based computers.

What was once a part time business of computer maintenance and repair is now a full time business of buying and selling computer hardware. We purchase from major manufacturers like IBM, Compaq and Gateway. We buy NEW excess inventory or used tested components. We do not deal in non-functional or broken equipment.

Once we receive the hardware we buy, we verify the functionality of sample units using our test machines. We then search the web to get the correct description and specifications for the items. With a picture, our job is complete. Placed here on our Online Catalog, you can buy with confidence that part you need for your computer.

As technology evolves, manufacturers are continuously building new machines and making others obsolete . Please check back often to find that part or system that is no longer on the leading edge.

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